Hernia Repair Surgery

Hernia Repair Surgery

Umbilical hernia surgery is quite common among young children and not only.
The umbilical cord appears in the form of a bump, protuberant (bumps) in the umbilicus (navel), as a consequence of a umbilical opening closure defect.
Hernia occurs as a result of the increase in abdominal pressure in the following situations: in obesity, in pregnant women, in the presence of high-volume intraperitoneal fluid (ascites), in weight-lifting people, they are chronic or constipated.

Having “mechanical” causes, hernia can only be resolved by surgical means.


When an umbilical hernia develops at birth, it may push the belly button out. Umbilical hernias in newborns will almost always heal without surgery. However, your doctor may recommend surgery if:


  • the hernia hasn’t gone away by age 3 or 4
  • the hernia is causing pain or restricted blood flow


Umbilical hernias in adults may occur as a result of:

  • fluid in the abdominal cavity​
  • previous abdominal surgery
  • chronic peritoneal dialysis

These are the most common problems among overweight and recent pregnant women.
Umbilical hernia can create aesthetic discomfort but also physical discomfort (pain).
Complications of the hernia are of great severity, endangering even the life of the patient. For this reason, hernia should be treated as soon as possible after diagnosis.

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