About Detox - What is detoxification?

In fact, it's about giving the body a chance to get rid of accumulated toxins, to heal and restore itself by reducing the digestion process. The human body can naturally detoxify itself, but due to the technological evolution and the current rhythm of life, the environment is toxic and prevents the natural detoxification of the body. So it is recommended to help your own body detoxify before getting sick.

Pre Detoxification

Based on a long experience, it was found that people who prepare their body for the detoxification program will be much more pleasant. We recommend pre-detoxifying a week or at least three days before. It is very important to increase benefits detox program and to avoid the unpleasant effects (dizziness, headache).

The use of substances that prevent the detoxification process must be stopped:
- Avoid caffeine beverages: coffee, black tea, acidic juices, green tea, soft drinks, alcohol. Instead these should be consumed herbal teas.
- Drink at least 2.5 litres of alkaline water a day (this can be obtained by adding 2 teaspoons of baking soda to the 1.5 litre filtered water).
- Avoid dairy products, foods based on animal proteins, carbohydrate-based foods.
- Start your day with a glass of water with lemon.
- Do not consume water during the meal; but only an hour and a half after its completion.
- Use Himalayan salt instead of regular salt (it is not used during the boiling or baking foods)
- Drink natural juices (we recommend avoiding orange juice because it has high acidity)
- Eat fresh fruit
- Avoid stress; This leads to increased acidity in the body. It is recommended to do rides or meditation to keep calm.

Detoxification programs


- Those who have unhealthy eating habits, consume alcohol, caffeinated drinks, smoking
- People who experiencing drowsiness, insomnia, chronic constipation, headache, skin problems
- Those who suffer from allergies, cardiovascular problems, liver disease, gallbladder disorders, hormonal disorders
- Those who have a family history of cancer diseases or chronic diseases

4 and 21 days program

Master Detox

The Master Detox is the fastest and most effective detoxification program. Is a program that can take place over a period between 4 and 21 days, being based on fruit and vegetable juices. During this program will serve various blends of drippings for Detox with probiotics and other nutritional supplements at regular intervals. You can also consume unlimited amounts of herbal teas and vegetable soups. At the end of the program will find detoxification, remarkable improvements in physical appearance, raising the body's energy, and mental improvement. Standard duration of this programme is 7 days, during which it will serve different juices and nutrients necessary for the body, so they won't feel the sensation of hunger even if you don't consume solid food. Lack of solid food consumption will give the body a chance to relax and cleanse the colon, blood, lymph system, and help regenerate the colon internally. The liver, which is normally occupied with digestion 3 to 6 times a day, will have time to relax, just like the pancreas that, in the absence of solid food, will no longer produce the necessary insulin. So, if the body is not assaulted by new toxins, it will have time to eliminate the accumulated ones. The natural detoxification process will be stimulated by additional activities such as breathing techniques, yoga classes, sauna, massage, colon and skin cleansing. The results will be noticed in the shortest time, through a good functioning of the internal organs and a skin with a fresh and bright look.

Participants who choose a program longer than 7 days will notice substantial weight loss due to various activities and sports (swimming, yoga, etc.)

Shedule Master Detox

08.00 - mixture of juices
08.00-09.30 - yoga classes and meditation
08.00-20.00 - collem (½ hour)
09.30 - grape juice and other verdets
09.30 - program information
12.30 - Himalayan Salt Verdures
15.30 - juice from wheat grass and other verdets
21.30 - mixed verdure with probiotics

On the first day of the program, at 8.00, the full program will be presented. If it is necessary to move away from the detox center, the juices and the necessary verdets will be taken to follow the established schedule. It is recommended to participate at yoga and meditation classes. The therapeutic massages and daily use of Turkish bath and saunas will speed up the detoxification process. At the end of the detoxification program, you will receive recommendations and indications on what vitamins and enzymes you have to consume to maintain the health of the body.

4 to 7 days program

Green Detox

This program is recommended for people who do not want to experience colon hydrotherapy or those who already have a healthy lifestyle and want to maintain control over the health of the body.

During this program, algae vegetables such as spinach, celery or cucumber will be necesarry. Also, this program can be followed for 4 to 7 days as a pre or post Master Detox diet.

Due to the high content of chlorophyll in the vegetables and plants underlying this program, the oxygen content in the blood will register significant increases and because the body will not be tired of the digestive process, it will have time to cleanse, heal and renew.

Shedule Green Detox

08.00 - green juices
08.00-09.30 - yoga classes and meditation
09.30 - program information
09.30 - Alkaline juices, grape juice and algae
11.00 - a glass of alkaline water and detoxifying soup
12.30 - alkalization
14.00 - a glass of alkaline water and detoxifying soup
15.30 - Alkaline juices, grape juice and algae
17.00 - a glass of alkaline water and detoxifying soup
18.30 - alkalization and probiotics
20.00 – alkalization

During the Green Detox program, the following are recommended:

- Angel of Water 3 times / week, especially the next day, the fourth day and the seventh day of the program
- Consumption of generous amounts of detoxifying soup and herbal teas
- Daily attendance at yoga classes and meditation
- Exercise like jumping on the trampoline (15 minutes), swimming, rides, etc…
- Consumption of at least 1 liter of alkaline water / day - this has a very important role in the detoxification process
- Therapeutic massages, infrared sauna and Turkish bath used daily to speed the detox process

Detoxification results

- revitalizing the body and increasing the energy level
- increasing immunity and resistance to diseases and infections
- reducing allergic symptoms
- accelerating metabolism
- weight loss
- improving digestive system, liver function, circulatory system lowering of cholesterol and triglyceride levels
- improves concentration and memory
- establishing an optimal emotional balance and getting a calm position

The benefits of detoxification

Body benefits given by wheat grass juice:
- contains vitamins A, C, E and K
- contains the entire range of vitamins B, including vitamin B-17 that destroys cancer cells in the body
- is a rich source of calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, sodium, sulfur, zinc and potassium
- in balanced quantities provide the necessary amount of iron to improve blood circulation
- contains 92 of the 102 minerals found it in plants
- is the easiest method of chlorophyll therapy
- reduces blood pressure
- has the molecular structure similar to that of red blood cells, so it increases the ability of the blood to transport oxygen to the body
- cleans the liver
- fight blood sugar
- combat hair loss and bleaching
- prevents constipation
- acts as a disinfectant and kills the bacteria in the blood, lymph and body tissues
- can be considered as food because it contains all the necessary amino acids