Oral and Dental Health Clinic

iulie 10, 2019

Porcelain Laminates

What Are Porcelain Laminates? Porcelain laminates are thin veneers ranging from 0.3-0.7mm in thinness that are applied to the front surface of the teeth. These translucent […]
iulie 10, 2019

Orthodontic Treatment

Orthodontics is a branch of dentistry concerned with the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of irregularities in the jaw and teeth. How Do Orthodontic Problems Occur and […]
iulie 10, 2019

Teeth Whitening

What is teeth whitening? Teeth whitening involves bleaching stained teeth to restore them to their natural, pearly appearance. This is achieved by using whitening jells containing […]
iulie 10, 2019

Dental Implants

The loss of the front teeth, an integral aspect of facial aesthetics, can cause mental, social and speech problems. Loss of the rear teeth can cause […]
iulie 10, 2019

Aesthetic Dentistry

Cavities as well as worn, stained, broken, crooked, small/short and irregularly spaced teeth as well as badly-shaped, asymmetrical and crowded teeth poorly affect a smile’s aesthetics. […]