Avicenna’s Traditional Medicine

iulie 11, 2019

Leeching (Hirudotherapy)

Leeches are animals with suckers on both the fore and aft ends and which they use to suck up to 8 times their bodyweight in blood […]
iulie 11, 2019


Cupping has been in use since 1550 B.C.E and uses cups of different sizes to create a vacuum over the skin which greatly increases blood flow […]
iulie 11, 2019

Bloodletting Treatments

Bloodletting Bloodletting aims to remove toxins that have built up in capillary veins by making small incisions then using a vacuum (cupping) to draw the blood […]
iulie 11, 2019

Avicenna’s Medicine

Who Was Avicenna? Avicenna was a renowned Persian scientist and doctor born in what is today Uzbekistan (then part of Iran) in 980 C.E. His most […]